2008 Buell Lightning® CityX XB9SX


We have a nice 2008 Buell XB9SX Lightning Thunder Storm 984 to offer you, 10,470 miles, Hero Blue Translucid, Runs and rides just like a Buell should,  Fast and solid.  Please ask for stock # 0007 when you contact us at 970 461 9466 for more details or any questions you may have. 

The streetfighter is at the core of what Buell® is all about. Pure sport-muscle performance. Broad, seamless power delivery. And superior handling. Upon closer inspection, you'll find nothing but premium components and lightweight materials. The Lightning® models also feature neutral ergonomics with wide bars and naturally-positioned footpegs. They provide great leverage, enabling you to ride confidently and aggressively.

Geared up for a full frontal assault on the urban jungle, the Lightning® CityX XB9SX is one tough bike. And with its unique see-through flyscreen and airbox cover, you really can see what this bike is made of.

The urban streetfighter is loaded with rugged style. Powered by a 984-cubic-centimeter Thunderstorm® air/oil/fan cooled, fuel-injected 45-degree V-twin; you’ll be ready for anything the city throws your way.